It’s Not Too Late, hip,hip, hooray!
Playing basketball night and day.
Box out, rebound, playing the game.
Skills and strategy in Portland, Maine.

It’s Not Too Late, we know it’s true!
Just look at what we’re going to do.
Going to Portland, Maine…by the sea
August 9 to 12, that’s where we’ll be.

Playing basketball from morning to night
We’re going to learn to play it right.
We’ll have a coach and learn a lot
Dribble, rebound and improve our shot.

Playing with passion, we have no fear.
It’s Not Too Late, hear our cheer!
We’re playing basketball by the shore
We are woman, hear us roar.

Post up, box out, play some D
Not Too Late Camp is the place to be.
Our bodies are old but we are young
When playing basketball and having fun.

Bonnie Ballentine
Not Too Late Camper
2006, 2007, 2008, 2009


When Granny would sit and rock and sew?
Bake, crochet and baby sit
Sedentary lifestyle, she wasn’t fit.
Granny has changed, she is on the go
And gets around with a healthy glow.
I’ve searched and searched and I can’t find
That Granny of a long ago time.
She is running around without a care
She has abandoned that rocking chair.
Open your eyes, I know it’s a shocker
Cause you see, Granny is off her rocker.
Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall
She’s in the gym playing basketball.
She’s doing it all, becoming a threat
Shooting baskets with nothing but net.
She has found a camp for Grannies with game<
It’s called Not Too Late, what an appropriate name.
So to Maine she is headed-it’s not that far
Where Grannies like her are all called a star.
So if you’re still in your chair, looking for something to do
Get up, get moving. We’re all waiting for you.
Surprise your family…be a shocker
Come on…get up, get off your rocker.

Bonnie Ballentine

Not Too Late Camper

2006, 2007, 2008, 2009